Fletching Flowers grow fresh, seasonal flowers under glass at our Sussex nursery.

We are a small team here at Fletching Glasshouses, headed by Emily Rae, owner and chief flower nerd, we are all passionate about our flowers. From chief sower Fiona, to Hannah with the creative flair to Debbie who keeps us all organised, everyone has their part to play. We grow a wide range of country style flowers and foliage using organic principles and like to trial new and unsual varieties including japanese forget me nots, elegant malope and more dahlias than you can shake a stick at.

Because we concentrate on seasonal flowers our main season starts at the beginning of May and runs through to the end of October.

This year we've expanded our flower area for the 4th year running and over the winter have been busy clearing, weeding and composting our perennial beds. After a cold start to the year we're excited to finally have the first sweet williams in bud and it won't be long before the cornflowers and sweetpeas start to show some colour.

We've already planted out the first 8 beds of summer annual and we'll still be doing successional sowings through May and June to ensure there is plenty of colour choice by our June/July peak.

We sell primarily to 'by the bucket' to brides and wedding organisers but we also sell to local event florists and local farm shops.

For more information or to arrange an appointment to look around our nursery call Emily on 01825 721162

More details and pictures from the nursery coming soon